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Admissions & Appeals

All schools and academies are required to adhere to the most up-to-date Admissions Code. Currently, our VC schools work with the LA in forming their Admissions Policy and our VA schools and academies are supported by our admissions team at Derby DBE.

Derby Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) believes that each and every child, irrespective of background, faith or culture, should have the opportunity to attend their community school. We very much discourage our schools from stipulating places for faith-based criteria as we believe in the powerful message of an inclusive and welcoming education.

Appeals required for our VA schools (and other partnership schools who wish to use this service) are arranged by the DBE staff team and are provided through the Partnership Agreement.

We hope that this website page answers your questions. If you do have any further queries, please email

Admissions Service

As an Admissions Authority, the governing body of a VA School or the trust board of an academy has the responsibility to agree and set appropriate admissions criteria and to then ensure that this criteria is properly and fairly administered.

You can read the Department for Education’s School Admissions Code HERE.

You can read Derby DBE’s Admissions Arrangements HERE.

You can read Derby DBE’s Admissions Guidance HERE.


2023/2024 Academic Year

Please refer to Derby DBE’s Admissions Advice HERE.

You may find the checklist HERE helpful.

Appeals Service

The local authorities co-ordinate all admissions arrangements for schools.  If your request for a school place for your child has been refused, in the first instance you should contact the local authority.  Please see the links below:

You have the right to appeal the local authority’s decision to refuse your child a place at your preferred school.

Your appeal must be heard by an independent panel.  The school’s Admissions Authority determines which independent panel the school uses.  Derby DBE provides an independent, professional schools appeals service dedicated to ensuring that all admission appeal hearings are heard fairly, equally and within the law. 

Derby DBE Appeals Service

For schools who choose to use the independent admissions appeals service provided by Derby DBE, deadlines for paperwork and hearing dates can be viewed HERE

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