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Instrument of Government

Instrument of government

The Instrument of Government (IoG) is a maintained school’s legal governing document and sets out the constitution and composition of the governing board.  It includes the school’s category and legal name.  For church schools it also includes details of foundation appointing bodies. 

amending an Instrument of government

When does an Instrument of Government need to be amended? 

Governing boards may need to amend their existing IoG for various reasons including: 

  • A change to statutory composition regulations
  • Any reconstitution of the GB to meet local needs 
  • A change to the school’s legal name 
  • A change of category  
  • If the school enters into a formal federation arrangement, or where an existing federation structure is changed
  • For Church of England schools, updates to content arising from a parochial reorganisation, a change of foundation appointing body, or a change of trustee 

If you believe that a school’s Instrument of Government needs amending, please contact us first for advice by emailing 


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