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children & Young People

In our work with Children, Young People and families/households we follow the aims of Growing Faith – a Church of England report and call to action.  Growing Faith promotes a partnership between the three communities of church, school and household to enable the discovery, exploration and growth for all in these communities.  

This work also seeks to spread and celebrate the Diocesan Vision, that God will renew, reshape and revive us with generous faith, courageous hope and life-giving love.  

As we work to show God’s love to all children and their parents/carers and schools, in turn our churches and communities will grow and in these ways, we will see God’s kingdom come. 

Children's Adviser

Sarah Brown is the Diocesan Children’s Advisor, with a background in primary education, church-based children’s and young people’s groups as well as teaching in local secondary schools. 

Sarah works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings and can be contacted by email  or phone 07425 132717.  Please get in touch with your questions and requests for support. 

Monthly children's advisor Newsletter

If you would like to receive Sarah’s monthly newsletter, with details of training events and available resources, complete the online form HERE.

Website links

You may find the links below useful for information about working with children and young people

Derby DBE does not have any responsibility for the content of these sites.

Information Videos

The Diocese of Derby website has short videos with information you may find useful.  Please see the links below.

Could you be a Church Children’s Leader? and Running a Children’s Group at Church

Running a Children's Group

DBS & other Checks

Everyone, aged 18 and above, working with children, young people (and vulnerable people) needs a DBS check.   If you already have a DBS for work or another group you might need another one for church workYour Parish Safeguarding Officer can advise you on this.  Refer to pages 26, 27 in  the Parish Handbook


You are required to complete church-based safeguarding training (even if you have completed training elsewhere).  Refer to pages 28, 29 in  the Parish Handbook 

Derby Diocesan safeguarding information can be accessed HERE.

If you have any concerns about a child or young person, speak to your Line Manager or Vicar. If neither is available, contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Officer using the online form HERE or Social Services.  If you believe a child or young person is at immediate risk, phone the police on 999.  

Risk Assessments

All locations and activities need to be assessed for possible hazards (eg fire, trips, injury, lost child etc) and how to minimise risk.  The National Youth Agency has a risk assessment template that can be downloaded HERE.


All personal data (eg registers, contact details) must be kept in line with UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Your Parish Safeguarding Officer can advise you on this.  

Supervision Ratios

A group must have at least 2 leaders, aged 18 or above, at all times.  Teenagers can help but they must be included in the number of children for ratio purposes. 

As per the Parish Safeguarding Handbook, the minimum staffing levels should be as follows:

First Aid

There is no requirement but is good practice to have a qualified first aider in your team.  Please refer to monthly newsletters for information on forthcoming training courses.

Food Hygiene

Again, there is no requirement, but it is good practice if you are serving food.  Courses on handling “low risk” food are available online for approximately £15.